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Mayfield End Of Year Summary 2015 – 2016


 I have always been fascinated by numbers. History records the first development of written numerals in Sumeria (modern day Middle East) around 3100 BC. Ancient Romans used letter

15th July 2016

Upper School Sports Day 2016

On Friday 8th July at 1pm we held our Upper School Sports Day. During the morning we managed to complete the three relays from the Lower School Sports Day. Kindergarten did the Spring Clean relay with each runner doing a chore - washing up, mopping up, sweeping etc; Transition did the Balloon rel

14th July 2016

Central Hall Music Concert

Mrs Petch would like to congratulate all of the children who performed in the Summer Music Concert at Central Hall last Wednesday. All children performed fantastically and were a credit to Mayfield. The ‘Lower School Singers’ definitely set the high standard of performance as they opened the con

14th July 2016

Parent Governor Update

Dear Fellow Parents,

As the Parent Governor I would just like to provide a summary of work that I have undertaken this past year.

I have attended all the Board of Governors meetings at Mayfield and I feel I have represent

14th July 2016

Mayfield pupils perform at Hydesville Speech Festival

The finalists for the Hydesville Speech Festival had a fantastic experience again this year. We took two children from Form I to Form II and three children from Upper II and Lower III. Luckily it did not rain on our walk down to the school! We competed against The Shrubbery School and Hydesville To

2nd July 2016

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