Upcoming Events

Tuesday 22nd June 2021
08:30Form I trip to Botanical Gardens
Wednesday 23rd June 2021
13:00Young Shakespeare Company - Hamlet
Thursday 24th June 2021
08:30Lower II trip to Go Ape
Friday 25th June 2021
10:00Early Years Sports Day
14:00KS1 Sports Day
Wednesday 30th June 2021
10:00Reserve date for Early Years Sports Day
14:00Reserve date for KS1 Sports Day
Friday 2nd July 2021
10:00LII & FII Sports Day
14:00UII & LIII Sports Day
Tuesday 6th July 2021
08:30EYFS and Pre-Nursery September 2021 starters - Pirate Day
Wednesday 7th July 2021
10:00Reserve LII & FII Sports Day
14:00Reserve UII & LIII Sports Day
Thursday 8th July 2021
08:30ABRSM Music Grade Exams
Friday 9th July 2021
13:30Moving Up Day
Saturday 10th July 2021
13:00Summer Garden Party
Monday 12th July 2021
08:30Nursery & Kindergarten trip to Ash End Farm
16:00Parents Evening (Optional)
Wednesday 14th July 2021
19:00Lower III Play and Prizegiving
Thursday 15th July 2021
08:30Lower III Farewell Party at School
Friday 16th July 2021
15:30End of Summer Term

Latest News

Mayfield Messenger Whitsun 2021

The latest issue of the Mayfield Messenger is now available.  School finishes today for the Whitsun break and we look forward to welcoming you all back on the 14th June.  As restrictions begin to ease we are hoping to be able to arrange more trips and events in the next half term, please see the m

28th May 2021

Mayfield Messenger Easter 2021

The Easter edition of the Mayfield Messenger is now available. We would like to wish you all a Happy Easter and look forward to welcoming children back in on 20th April.

26th March 2021

Comic Relief 2021

Today was Red Nose Day for Comic Relief and it was wonderful to see staff and children dressing up as Superheroes, and it was an opportunity for the staff to pay homage to the magnificent NHS critical workers by dressing up in scrubs and wearing badges with the legend: 'Not all Superheroes wear cape

19th March 2021

Mayfield Messenger February Half-Term 2021

The latest edition of the Mayfield Messenger is now available. School reopens virtually after half term on the 22nd February.  We hope you all have a relaxing break.

12th February 2021

Safer Internet Day

Today the Children of Mayfield will be hearing about Safer Internet Day 2021. The theme this year is trustworthiness on the internet, fake news and how to manage it - children should be encouraged to check things they see and read on the internet through other sources such as other websites, book

9th February 2021

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